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About BCI

BCI Fabrication, LLC is a manufacturer of quality toolboxes, fuel tanks, and accessories for both commercial and personal pickup trucks. Based in the panhandle of Oklahoma, we craft all of our products in Beaver, Oklahoma with materials produced within the US. We pride ourselves in leading the industry with commitment, leadership, and innovation. Our toolboxes and fuel tanks are known nationwide, and we believe in serving our dealers and end users with honesty and integrity by offering longevity and trust with every single product we manufacture. At BCI Fabrication, we set our priority in ensuring we will provide you with the last toolbox you will ever buy.

Our Mission

At BCI Fabrication, LLC, we have made it our mission to build quality and precision into every single product we craft. From using only American-made materials to ensuring our products exceed each and every customer's expectations, we have established our company by setting the standard higher than the rest.

Our Vision

We will achieve our goal of being the market leader within our industry by continuing to keep our consumers in mind and producing the highest quality of toolboxes, fuel tanks, and accessories by utilizing the leadership, commitment, and innovation that is elevating from within our core.

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