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Our Products:

Truck Accessories

From our 12 gauge steel to the state-of-the-art exterior coating, BCI Fabrication, LLC stands behind the integrity and longevity of every single one of its products. The craftsmanship of our handmade toolboxes, fuel tanks, and fuel tank / toolbox combos goes unparalleled against that of our competitors. At BCI, we stand by our products every step of the way with the needs and lifestyles of our consumers in mind, and it is our goal to provide you with the last toolbox you will ever buy.


(L-tank/Toolbox Combos)


(Stand Alone Toolboxes)


(Fuel Tanks & Toolbox Combo)


(Sideboxes & Underbody Boxes)

Premium Series

(Unique Box/Tank Combinations)


(Stand Alone Fuel Tanks)

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